About Us

MINGALAR Hospital is (150) bedded flagship hospital of MINGALAR Hospitals Group managed by Mahar Ye Mon Co.Ltd. It is located on metropolitan area of Mandalay City, Capital of Upper Myanmar and situated on 58th street, between 42nd -43rd, MA-30, Mahar Aung Myay Township. The project has been established since August 2017 and started operating in November 2019. We aim to deliver affordable high quality healthcare services to people ranging from lower to upper socioeconomic segments. Furthermore, we will offer variety of specialties together with state of the art diagnostic facilities and compassionate cares of Clinicians, Professional Technicians and well trained staff to fulfill patients’ hope and satisfaction.

Patient safety refers to the practice of ensuring the well-being and minimizing harm to patients in healthcare settings. MINGALAR Hospital follows various strategies, protocols, and measures designed to prevent errors, accidents, and adverse events that can potentially harm patients. Patient safety is a critical aspect of healthcare delivery and is aimed at improving the overall quality of care.

Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a group of individuals working together towards a common goal. In MINGALAR Hospital, all team members coordinate and cooperate together, combining their skills, knowledge, and resources to achieve shared objectives. By harnessing the collective strengths and capabilities of team members, MINGALAR Hospital achieved greater success and created a positive and supportive work environment.

Mutual respect is a fundamental aspect of healthy relationships, whether it’s within a team, a workplace, a community, or any other social setting. It refers to the recognition, appreciation, and valuing of each other’s worth, dignity, and individuality. By practicing mutual respect, MINGALAR Hospital contribute to creating inclusive and harmonious environments where individuals can thrive and collaborate effectively.

Practicing empathy has numerous benefits, such as fostering effective communication, resolving conflicts, promoting inclusivity, and building stronger communities. In MINGALAR Hospital, we practiced the empathy to connect with others on a deeper level, promotes understanding, and contributes to our patients.

Continual improvement is based on the belief that there is always room for improvement, and by consistently seeking and implementing positive changes, MINGALAR Hospital always promoting continual improvement to achieve higher levels of performance and success.

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