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What makes us different

Easy Booking

MINGALAR Hospital provides a wide variety of doctors and facilities which can give the best treatment care and services for the patients.

Medical Checkup Program

Prevention is better than Cure. Everyone should do regular medical checkup yearly so that you could know, prevent and treat your diseases earlier.

Ambulance Services

MINGALAR Hospital has experienced and well-trained senior doctors and nurse team which can provide 24/7 ambulance services and give emergency treatments.

CT/MRI Imaging Booking

MINGALAR Hospital has the most accurate diagnostic imaging center which can find disease parts and areas even it is very tiny lesion. We have the state…

Laboratory Home Service Booking

With the latest modern technology, MINGALAR Hospital can provide correct laboratory investigation. We do QC test and calibration daily in order to avoid laboratory errors.


MINGALAR Hospital keep all pharmaceutical products and drugs according to FDA guideline. Daily cleaning and inspection of refrigerator and storage …

Covid 19 Vaccination

With the emergence of Covid 19 infection, the scientists had developed Covid 19 vaccination to combat and prevent this notorious disease. MINGALAR…

Vaccine Clinic

MINGALAR Hospital have other vaccines which are for infants, adolescent and both men and women beyond Covid 19 vaccines. Available vaccines which…

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