World Radiographer Day

World Radiographer Day World Radiographer Day is celebrated annually on November 8th. It is a day dedicated to honoring and recognizing the crucial role of radiographers in the field of healthcare. MINGALAR Hospital cerebrate together with their radiographer by treating snacks and tea, providing gifts to radiographers.

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World PT Day

World PT Day World Physiotherapy Day is celebrated on September 8th each year to recognize and appreciate the contributions of physiotherapists worldwide. Also known as World Physical Therapy Day, it aims to raise awareness about the important role of physiotherapy in improving the health and well-being of individuals. MINGALAR Hospital appreciated the importance of physiotherapists

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World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day World Kidney Day is an annual global campaign observed on the second Thursday of March to raise awareness about the importance of kidney health and reduce the burden of kidney disease. MINGALAR Hospital also participate in in this event, sharing information about kidneys within the hospital and awareness post on Facebook.

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International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day International Nurses Day provides an opportunity to honor and celebrate the invaluable contributions of nurses. It is a day to recognize their commitment, professionalism, and the difference they make in the lives of individuals, families, and communities around the world. MINGALAR hospital participate International Nurses Day by cerebrating together with nurses, mid

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MINGALAR Staff Party

MINGALAR Staff Party To create a festive and enjoyable atmosphere, MINGALAR management team believe that staff parties can have a lasting positive impact on employee satisfaction, motivation, and overall workplace dynamics. MIGALAR Hospital appreciate and recognize hardworking of the staffs and they could reduce the stress and create a happy environment.

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MINGALAR Ka Htein MINGALAR Hospital participate in donation of cloth robes for the monks and offer gifts to monastery in Thinzaung Tine season. All MINGALAR hospital staffs unite and visit together to monastery and participate in this pleasant and wonderful tradition happily and peacefully.

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CSR activities

CSR activities Corporate Social Responsibility refers to a business’s voluntary initiatives and activities that go beyond their legal and financial obligations to positively impact society and the environment. MINGALAR Hospital donate and share food, give the gifts (mask, alcohol spray, tissue box, mug) to nursing home. MINGALAR Hospital also participate in donation for flood victims

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Covid-19 vaccination

Covid-19 vaccination Covid-19 vaccination is a crucial tool in controlling the spread of the virus and mitigating its impact on public health. Vaccination campaigns aim to protect individuals from severe illness, reduce hospitalizations, and contribute to achieving herd immunity. MINGALAR Hospital also provides one stop services for the company who would like to get vaccination

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Staffs Congratulation Ceremony during Covid-19 Period

Staffs Congratulation Ceremony during Covid-19 Period MINGALAR Hospital created a ceremony to honor and appreciate hospital staff who have been bravely fighting against Covid-19. We are so proud of our staffs who work as frontline healthcare fighters during Covid-19 pandemic. We gave rewarded money, rice, oils and household appliances to the healthcare staffs as a

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