Medical Checkup Program

Looking to stay healthy and take care of your well-being? A medical checkup is the perfect way to monitor your health and identify potential health risks early on. At MINGALAR Hospital, we offer comprehensive medical checkups tailored to your individual needs.

Our team of experienced doctors and medical professionals will conduct a thorough examination, including vital signs, blood tests, imaging tests, and other diagnostic tests. We will also review your medical history and discuss any concerns you may have.


Classic - 190,000 MMK

Deluxe (Male) - 390,000 MMK

Deluxe (Female) - 430,000 MMK

Executive (Male) - 690,000 MMK

Executive (Female) - 830,000 MMK

Elite (Male) - 890,000 MMK

Elite (Female) - 990,000 MMK

By getting a medical checkup regularly, you can detect health issues early on, prevent potential health risks, and maintain optimal health. Book your appointment today and take control of your health!

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Preparing for A Medical Check Up

  • Do not eat or drink anything at least 8 hours prior to a health check-up
  • Take enough sleep at least for 6 hours before doing check-up
  • Take your routine medicines as prescribed by the doctor (For example. Medicines for Diabetes Militus, Hypertension) 
  • Women who encounter their menstruation should avoid doing check-up because it may contain blood in their samples
  • Pregnant mother or women who may have pregnant should not take Chest X ray, Mammogram and Bone Dexa Scan
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment
  • Bring any previous health reports or health examination records with you
  • *** We provide annual medical check-up package and pre employment check-up package with corporate prices for companies, iNGOs. ***
  • Electronic Medical Record – Digital version of a patient’s medical record that is created and stored in an electronic format
  • Delicious, Nutritious and Fresh Breakfast with many kinds of choices including Halal Foods
  • Accurate & reliable blood test – Daily QC and calibration with well trained and qualified laboratory personnel

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